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Fruitful Thoughts....

Hello, Hello, as the man in the pink tutu is fond of saying!

Hope you are all safe and well, doing OK and looking out for your friends and loved ones.

It's been wet down here in South Gippsland which has meant one thing: water everywhere. Plenty to drink and plenty has soaked into the ground too. We're hopeful we'll get more good rain in the spring break and the tomatoes can go in early if the frosts stay away. Need plenty of those for the Tomato Chilli Jam!

We've been trying out a few things and a new product we have is our Tequila Sunrise Marmalade. It's made with real Mexican tequila, real Grenadine - and delicious juicy oranges. It's so good we've made it have its own label, reflecting the drink itself. You really need to try some!

The plum trees are now in blossom so that's a great sign that Spring really is just around the corner. The weather will start to warm up, the days will get longer, Stage 4 restrictions will morph into something less confining, and we'll all be champing at the bit to get to our local markets, see friends and just revel in their good company - as you browse our stock and prepare your next savoury or sweet adventure - with Fruits of Strathmore!

Oh, and next Sunday, September 6, is Father's Day. If you are a fan of our offerings, why not give a Fruits of Strathmore Gift Card to your dad/Granddad/partner so they can share the taste? It's all digital and virtual so it's easy to do and ours don't expire! Check out our Card page here.

Stay safe and be good! Doug and Julie

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