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  • Postage and what's involved

    We just want to be transparent regarding our postage. We use Australia Post's services as they are the cheapest and the package will be held at your local post office if it cannot be delivered. And they will leave you a card. We use their flat rate postage which is a fixed amount for items under 5 kg. The charge varies by weight so depending upon what you order, we can get it into one of 4 boxes that Australia Post make for the flat rate service and which we buy, as the option of using our own boxes almost doubles the postage. We wrap each item in bubble wrap, use paper padding to take up any spare space and then we drive it to the post office and send it on its way to you. The shop rate you see in your cart reflects all that, not just the portion that relates to Australia Post.

  • Where's the SHOP NOW button?

    Some people have reported missing the (admittedly) small "browse" button on the phone version of this app and hence having issues getting started. We apologise for this; we're looking at what can be done. In the meantime, if you are on a phone, there is a small browse button just above our initial introduction paragraph on the Store page. If you put your phone in landscape mode (i.e. rotate it 90 degrees), you may have enough screen space that the categories menu will now appear (with the number of products in each category) and you can click on whichever category you want to shop. On a laptop, you will always get the categories (because there is SO much more screen space than a phone), so the issue doesn't seem to affect our "desktop" customers. We'll see what the hosting company can do for us on the phone front and update the site as soon as we can.

  • Why do you only quote to ship in Australia?

    We would love to ship all over the world but the reality is that our products are in glass containers and that means we need to make sure the shipping costs don't make it prohibitively expensive for you to order. We are also serving our local customers as a priority since they helped us build our business to where it is now and we owe them! If you would like to buy and sample our wares and you are currently ordering from overseas, please use the Contact link and let us know what you are looking for. We can then prepare a detailed quote with the shipping options we have today.

  • Best before - what's the deal?

    We are required by Australian food labelling laws to put a "best before" date on our products. This is, for the majority of our products, nominally 24 months from the date we make the batch. However, your mileage may vary, as they say, depending upon how well you keep the product. We recommend using a clean teaspoon to remove your servings and to not contaminate the jar with other foodstuffs, which will make our product go rancid and ruin the contents. Careful jam hygiene will pay big dividends in keeping the product for the maximum time.

  • Can I pick my order up?

    As at Thursday 15 July 2021 you are welcome to take the pick-up option on the checkout. We will await payment and then contact you re a suitable date and time that is convenient. We do contactless pickup as well. If your needs and our schedule align, we can also do drop-offs at an agreed location in Melbourne, since we regularly travel up to the city for supplies.

  • What about allergies?

    We are required to state the ingredients on every product we make. We have also therefore added the ingredients panel we use on our products to the online product page. Please read them and please act on the information there. If you have any doubts, please use the contact page to get in touch and we will be as helpful as we can to let you know about the product ingredients and how we prepare.

  • How long will it take to get my order to me?

    Well, that depends! Australia Post (as at Friday 10 April 2020) says that our parcels going standard post would take around 4 days within Australia. Express Post has a service level of around 2 days but, given the huge volume of parcels now being sent in this COVID-19 pandemic, we'd expect that might blow out by several days.

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